I’ve given in….

I finally made a bitmoji on Snapchat…. I feel slightly ashamed as I always called them lame but….. I take it back now.

They are perfect, and for now this is the closest you have got to seeing what I look like Haha!

That is all for now, not my best post but… hey ho  ha!

Space saving and upcycling!

I like to use everything, for example I’ve kept the woof that came as packaging for our new table as I know I’ll reuse it for something…. 

I’ve been working really hard with our shed to make the most of the room available to me. I’ve managed to fit three bikes in there along with other bits, with careful planning and storage hooks.

Below is an example of how I’m using the hooks, I’ve also nailed a spare plant tray we had to the wall as a place to put any nails or screws I use while I’m working on something. 

Here’s how I’ve stored the bikes:

The road bike is held in place with a storage hook and the other lean against it with wheel inbetween! 

I plan to add an extra shelf/ platform in above the bikes but can’t decide how I want to do it…

Any extra space saving tips anyone has, let me know!


We’ve been back from holiday for 3 weeks, still haven’t got back in the gym but that’s another story… and we’ve finally got the front room sorted 😀!

Have a look:

Got a few things left to change but the sofa is in (laying on it now) and the dining table and chairs are set up which is awesome! 

Now just to board up the loft, put a sofa bed in the spare room and make a few small changes then we’re done. I say that now but I feel like the list will never be complete….

Went out last night, was a great night but I’m suffering today. Was in bed until half 1, a friend brought bacon over (best person ever) and now I’m watching the Two Towers,  straight after The Fellowship  of the Ring. Safe to say in not going to the gym tomorrow and I’m having a lay in ha!

Hope you’ve had a good week guys! 

Genuinely shocked…

I’ve been blogging for a month, I like to get and read other people posts, leave likes and comments but I never though many people would get involved with my blog and yesterday I hit 50+ followers! 

That’s insane.

I said yesterday that I’d start posting more often and I plan to keep that promise! A few people asked about my guitars and I’m thinking I’ll get some short recording done to show you…. maybe….. if I don’t pu**y out…

Anyway, thanks again!

New furniture and a trip to Birmingham!

Busy week ahead, but I’m excited! 

Firstly were getting a new corner sofa and new dining table and chairs! The table seat 4 but unfolds to seat 6. Everything is from Next and it’s being delivered Thursday….. but Thursday I’ll be in Birmingham 😦

I’m heading up Thursday night, grabbing some food and some beers and heading back to my hotel to watch some Netflix/ Amazon prime. Chill out for the evening then up early for work… We’ve got a new store opening so I’ll be there there early, checking that all the tills work, ensuring the server is up and running and that everything else I.T related is 100%!

Fingers crossed it goes well and I can get away early, start my 3 hour drive home before rush hour!

I’m aiming to get 3-4 posts out this week as I’ve been a bit “slack”  recently, I really appreciate the followers and views/comments! I love chat to you guys on here! 

I’m thinking about and working on some new ideas for the blog so we’ll see what you think about them when they appear! 

Speak soon!

Back to reality..

Today’s my 3rd day back to work after having around 3 weeks off for a holiday and various other trips, honestly it’s not been too bad going back to work.

 I never thought I’d say that.

Tuesday was my first day back but two of our stores needed new servers so I drove to Cheltenham then to Milton Keynes and back home (around 320 miles) which was ok, kept me out the office! Did get stuck in traffic on the way home though, not so fun.

I’m working tomorrow too, Saturdays are strange at my job as I’ll be the only person in the office, an office that normally holds 40 people… It shouldn’t be too busy and honestly I’ll probably watch a few things on Amazon Prime throughout the day!

I still haven’t gone back to the gym yet though, 3 weeks out! I’ve only just started eating better again and went out for a long walk after work yesterday just to get some more exercise! I move around a lot at work but it’s not enough.

Right, I better leave for work! Speak soon guys!

1 month in… almost…

This is my 10th post, I feel like I could of done more this month but I’m happy with it either way, especially with my phone being broken for 11 days!

I want to say a big thanks to everyone who has read my posts, followed or liked/ commented as the response to the blog has been bigger than I imagined it would in the first month…. 

Two days ago I recieved my 50th like, I’ve had over 210 views on the posts and I’m close to 50 followers! That’s insane, I’m just posting about my life haha.

Let’s move on to a little life update, I’ve had a few more days off and managed to get more work done in the house. The spare room is finally done, just needs a bed now, and the shed is tidy and well organised!

I’ve managed to make the spare room into a room for my music, the guitars and keyboard are out on show along with my Cajon (box drum) and various choice of pedals and accessories. I haven’t been able to just pick my guitar and practice since I was living at home over 6 years ago! 

Spent about 2 hours yesterday, 2 the day before and 1 on Saturday just playing guitar, loving it! I might record some small clips of stuff I’m working on for you, also got another idea in the pipeline but that’s for another day…

Until next time, stay awesome!

May have bought myself a gift…

Being on holiday without a phone, being “unplugged”, for nearly two weeks has actually been a blessing in disguise.

I spend more time reading, paying more attention to the people in the room or the situation around me and finally….. I’ve  been playing more guitar!

Woke up this morning, called my local music store, checked they had some stock and went out to buy my new FX pedal. 

The Boss GT-1 . Spent an hour and a half playing guitar, testing the different sounds and learning new stuff. 

It has a built in tuner and loop pedal, which is awesome and means I have two loop pedals now! 

Next thing is to arrange some rehearsal room time with some friends!